Lightning 2001-05-06

I took these pictures before and after a large supercell moved over Plano. (And yes, I know, the first few pics aren’t lightning–that comes later, but there sure were some impressive clouds) The storm had rotation, though a tornado was never spotted. After the storm went through, I got some interesting pictures on the tail-end with the sun setting and nicely lighting up the remnants of the storm. After sunset, I got a few pictures of the lightning as the storm moved further east across the metroplex.

Early cloud formations

Early cloud formations

The first interesting cloud formations that prompted me to get my camera out and loaded with film.

Wall cloud shot 1

Wall cloud shot 2

These next two pictures were taken just a couple seconds apart, but if you look closely, you can see that some pieces of the cloud have moved in that brief timespan. This low-hanging section was showing all kinds of movement. After taking these two shots, I decided retreating to my closet might not be a bad idea.

After the storm
Once the storm had passed, the weather cleared up, but even the clouds on the back end were an impressive sight.

Sunset was nicely timed

Catching a jet as it makes its approach following the storm

Once the storm had passed, it still had some decent lightning–unfortunately the sun didn’t set quite soon enough for me to catch much of it. These pictures are looking east at the storm after sunset. Taken with 200 speed film with approximately 15-25 second exposure times.

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